From books to baseball gloves and from computers to cell phones, the Internet has emerged as the world’s largest exclusive shopping mall

If you own and operate a website which sells products and services in cyber space, you are already a member of this fraternity

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Google Adwords

More than 15 years of expertise with a million dollar spend

Bing Advertising

Targeted traffic based on country region with excellent ROI

Facebook Marketing

If your business is local and for social, we get you business @Rs.10. If you want influencing – no better way to go.

Other Ad Networks

When you want to expand your reach for cheap. Count on numerous networks under .10 Paisa a click

NK Digital Agency

Search Engine Marketing

Welcome to the world of search engine marketing (sem)—the most effective and measurable way to promote your business today.

The best way to promote your Internet commerce business is by driving targeted traffic and qualified traffic to your website so that visitors can find what they seek on the Internet by directly arriving on your website. 

This practice is validated by paying for advertising on the Internet through Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns, banners and other paid advertising models.


Our Tracking System

At NK DIGITAL all our customers are VIPs for us

We will set up a full blown visitor tracking system for you at no extra cost. This will allow you to watch your traffic on your website in real time and provide you with valuable campaign tracking statistics.


Our First Spent 50K

First spent of 50K brought us results that we started offering to all our VIP customers


Crossing 1st 1 Million

Growth was not only limited to one network, but many. Affiliate markets were conquered


Branding A Big B

With the expertise in the ad world branding became only Rs. .25 Paisa a click  


Sales Matrix

Targeted results come with integrated systems , its not just advertising anymore 

Our Vision AT NK Digital

SEM Services with a Vision

We believe that search engine marketing will go a long way in generating sustained business for your organization

PPC Combination Strategy

Since a combination strategy which harnesses the power of paid search marketing through Google Pay Per Click (PPC) and other forms of marketing always generates the best results for our clients, we believe that you can touch new heights of growth through a well orchestrated search marketing campaign from Caba.

Our Targeted Approach

We will identify the best low competition keywords for your niche or industry vertical and craft a highly effective and results oriented PPC advertising campaign for you on Google and the other search engines as well as on Facebook and Linked In. . Call or write for a no obligation price quote and wipe out your competition.

A World of Opportunities

How are we different?

We are not just a marketing agency, we are also a business & we understand your pain. We believe NO ROI = NO Retention

Content Marketing

We turn your customers into loyal customers for life

PPC Advertising

We don’t just advertise, we aim for ROI. Not getting Sales? Call

Local Optimization

Serving your local area? Talk to us for being in top 3

Social Marketing

Only sales? No retention?  We build customers for life

Brand Visibility

We don’t just build brands, We build a Purpose

SEO Optimization​

We don’t strugle SERP’s, we strugle for money keywords

Our Customers are Happy Customers

We believe customer retention is the key to any successful business. From Start-ups to established multi million dollar companies, everyone is a priority No. 1. Winning is the game. The more you win, so do we.
Naveen Kapur
A Seasoned Marketer